Food so good

it’s like your Mama made it.

Across Athens, street corners buzz with vendors selling souvlaki: the perfect quick bite, impeccable street food…and the quality? It’s so good, it’s like your Mama made it.

Owner Dino Vlachos saw a gap in the Joburg food scene, South Africa’s take-away industry had become synonymous with cheap fast-food and he sought to change that. He believed all it would take was quality ingredients and the personal touch. The public agreed.

From a single stall at Maboneng’s Market on Main, Soul Souvlaki has expanded to encompass 6 flagship stores, each distinctive and unique: whilst most franchises push for uniformity, Soul Souvlaki celebrates the individual.

There’s no centralised kitchen meaning every dish is freshly-prepared to order and our friendly counter service lends itself to a faster, more efficient dining experience whether you’re solo or with a crowd. It’s your neighbourhood kitchen where you’re always made to feel at home.

Soul Souvlaki is a brand synonymous with integrity and authenticity: Greek street food at its best.

It is all about

the food

Fresh ingredients, made to order: it’s quick, but it’s in no way fast food.

Each venue showcases a one-page menu offering simple and delicious Greek-style street food. We say “Greek-style” because traditional recipes have been adapted to compliment the South African palate: think chilli, feta, parsley and rocket for an added flavour punch.

The emphasis in the Soul Souvlaki kitchens is on cooking with passion, by feel rather than by measurement. There’s no centralised kitchen and that’s the point: the beauty of home-cooking lies in the slight imperfections, in being handmade.

As the name suggests our souvlaki are renowned: marinated pieces of chicken and lamb are grilled to perfection on skewers and served alongside our fresh and vibrant Aegean slaw or rolled in artisanal warm pitas with tzatziki, rocket, tomato, red onion and chilli.

Other specialities include grilled bifteki, skinny lamb chops, our famed grilled chilli feta parcels and, most recently, a range of vegetarian and vegan items. There’s a little something for everyone.

Our sweet selection includes baklava, saragli, chocolate melomakarona and kourabiedes all artisanally made by a local Greek Mama and hand-delivered to each of our stores. You’ll also find mini-fridges stocked with Paul’s homemade ice cream (wherever we can support local and artisanal we do).

Our coffee grounds are imported from Greece and prepared in traditional brikis (copper pots) over an open flame to produce the ultimate rich and refined Greek coffee. Our frappés are just as authentic: coffee and milk are whipped to perfection, sweetened to your liking and poured over ice.

All our drinks come in glass bottles because it just tastes better. Our beers are craft, as are our juices and ice teas. We believe is small batch brewing, cold pressing and supporting small businesses.



Where practicality meets modern design.

Utilising unexpected spaces and locations, stores are built with untreated metals, recycled and reclaimed materials and concrete. In every store, you’ll find a family photo wall, a large blackboard with a handwritten menu, rustic tables and chairs and high counters with bar stools for casual curb-side dining.

Whilst each store bears similar features and conveys a similar feel, they remain unique in their identities.


Maboneng store

Where it all started.

Soul Souvlaki started as a simple stall at the Market on Main in Maboneng. It didn’t long for people to fall in love with this Greek inspired, grab-and-go food, and soon enough the cult following led to the opening of the unconventional container store in Maboneng. We spent many happy years here serving street food to loyal guests before closing up shop to open up neighbourhood stores.